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Asics MetaRun project in cooperation with Green Room
All production and distribution done by POS Factory International

Green Room Design created eye-catching retail concept for ASICS MetaRun

Three years ago, scientists at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science set out on a mission: make the best ASICS long-distance running shoe possible.

The result is MetaRun, ASICS’ most innovative running shoe yet - delivering new performance standards in fit, stability, light weight and cushioning – all mastered in one shoe. Only 60,000 pairs of this limited edition running shoe are available worldwide

Green Room Design were tasked to create a stand-out retail concept that would bring the ASICS’ scientific approach to life at the ASICS stores and at the 250 designated running specialty retailers selling the shoe as of December 2015. The campaign window was an opportunity for retail theatre that celebrates the exclusive and premium properties of the finished product. In line with the lab concept, the idea was to use the same component that tested the shoe to its limits, to present the shoe to the world. Introducing the robotic arm; controlling the movement of the shoe within the window.

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Creative: Paul Silcox, Green Room Design
Amsterdam Partner: Fraser Warren, Green Room Design
Production & Distribution: Rene Broos, POS Factory

About Green Room
Green Room is an award-winning brand and retail design consultancy founded in 2001, with studios in Amsterdam, Birmingham and London. As a collective of creative and craftsmen, of radicals and realists, they believe there is always a better way of doing things. They aim to create and deliver amazing ideas that are big, bold and based in reality. 

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