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Black Diamond shop in shop

Climbing, skiing & mountain gear designer and constructer Black Diamond came to us for a shop in shop system for the new Addnature store in Stockholm. The requirements:

-within a space of 4 x 4 meter;
-must include slat wall systems;
-must include a digital screen;
-must include space for graphics and communication.

After creating and revising some designs, the idea you see in the picture above was confirmed.

The system is placed on a 4 x 4 meter base mat and consists of 4 slatwalls each with a podium to present products. The digital screen is provided with a mediabox to play videos. A lockable door offers access to a storage. All text and graphics are made from printed Easyfix; an easy to remove material, ideal for replacement!

The complete shop in shop is set up with just two hex keys.

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