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Europees de eerste keus zijn voor instore producten en het meest betrouwbare bedrijf zijn in de point-of-sales markt.

Onze Missie:
Het ontwikkelen van innovatieve producten die merken/producten helpen meer te verkopen en een bredere merkbekendheid te geven.

The mark of responsible forestryFSC – COC certified producing
As our contribution for a better future and for improved and environmental friendly exploitation of forests, we have committed ourselves to using FSC certified materials. We care about our future and that of our children, and that is why we have joined the international chain of FSC suppliers whose goal is to ensure acting within the FSC-COC standards – from the forest owners and cardboard producers to the producers of cardboard packaging. The FSC sign can only be put on the packaging under the strict condition that all suppliers in the chain must be FSC certified.

Reasons which support our decision for FSC certification are:

  • strong responsibility to the environment, which is why we support environment- friendly exploitation of woods
  • fulfilling the demands and wishes of our customers
  • we became a part of international trade chain with certified products
  • FSC certified products have higher added value, are environmental friendly and can be put on the market as “something more”
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